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“I have known Rita Litton for many years. She is a pioneer in the area of helping young people get the best kind of acting training to prepare them for a career in film, TV and theatre. I have featured Rita in a chapter in the book I co-authored "How to Be a Working Actor." If anyone knows how to give young people an overview of what it takes to audition and be prepared for the world of show business, Rita does. Her alums are featured in series, films, and of course on stage.”

Mari Lyn Henry (Mari Lyn Henry is a career coach, teacher, and former director of casting for ABC-TV.)

Course Descriptions


This is a film acting course for students who wish to be stretched and challenged via audition and scene work. In this film acting class emphasis is placed on creating characters common or unique to television and film. Students are encouraged to go beyond their immediate experiences to find the character conceived by the writer. Students are directed to take risks and make unique or difficult choices. Through various exercises, research, observations and rehearsals, students differentiate aspects of character, status, appearance, background, speech, life experiences, and more. Students portray several contrasting roles from our extensive film/TV library.  Class discussion defines particular themes and audition problems inherent in a variety of on-camera material — feature films, indie films, episodic Television series, situation comedy, TV pilots, etc.

*** This course is offered frequently and may be continued as a work out 'actor's gym' for maximum growth.


An acting course designed to provide students with the building blocks, or "foundation" necessary for truthful, creative, and spontaneous, 'moment to moment' acting. Designed for the beginning or intermediate level actor looking to improve skills and find an organic way to work. Through a series of exercises deeply rooted in the teachings of Sanford Meisner, cold readings, and scene work, the instructor will teach actors how to "live truthfully under imaginary circumstances."


The goal of this acting course is to help actors feel comfortable working on an independent film set. Students will learn both artistic and technical tools they can apply to their future auditions and professional Film/TV acting work such as: The Master Shot, The Close-Up; Eye-line and Emotions; Working with Props and Continuity; Blocking; Lighting; while shooting multiple takes. In the final class, all lessons from the previous classes will be applied. The scenes will be shot with a hand-held camera and uploaded for each actor to review.  Instructor Matthew Bonifacio is an alumnus (Film, Film Technique with Rita Litton,) turned award-winning film director/writer/producer. He brings his film experience from working in front of and behind the camera into his teaching methods, and approaches each scene the same way he directs a film, with sensitivity, insight and creativity!


Commercial bookings give you tremendous exposure, income and valuable experience. Yet many actors underestimate the commercial audition, failing to rise to the challenge of coming up with vital, original and personality-enhanced choices for a 30-second scenario. Rita Litton is an industry pioneer in smart, effective commercial training and a Backstage Reader’s Choice Award Winner: “Best Commercial Class.”  If you have started to audition this is where your skills are first tested-- on the spot in an agent or manager’s office. How you deliver a short commercial script often determines whether you are going to be sent out on auditions, and perhaps also given an introduction to their theatrical or film and television division! Learn the skills to relax, improvise, take direction, focus quickly and bring your best self to the audition! (Private commercial coaching is also available.)


Actors at every level benefit from exercises tailored to their specific needs and goals. More…

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