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Film Acting Student Comments:

"Rita is my favorite teacher — able to really see what you already know, what you have the potential to do, and then, quickly, & efficiently, nurture you, so your potential becomes reality." "The most engaging, supportive acting teacher I've ever had! Her constructive criticism was extremely helpful." "She is very kind hearted, but knows how to get her point across without making you feel nervous, insecure, or a bad actor. She is very motivating."

"The most engaging, supportive acting teacher I've ever had! Her constructive criticism was extremely helpful."

"I've never encountered an on-camera class that came even close to what Rita offered."--Davi Santos (see "Testimonials")

"She is very kind-hearted, but knows how to get her point across without making you feel nervous, insecure, or a bad actor. She is very motivating."

Foundations Student Comments:

“I feel more comfortable giving honest responsive answers. I really learned how to listen to my partner!”

“The course taught me to be more natural and how to focus on my partner. That acting is reacting is really key. I found it challenging to get out of my head, but the teacher was right there to guide me.”

“The whole class was amazing! After the first hour of the first class I knew I would have a great time, and I've learned so much!”

Monologue Student Comments:

"Rita has such a wealth of knowledge about the monologue selections process, what schools want to see, and how to find pieces that really fit your personality!:

"I was so happy to be accepted into my dream school after coaching with Rita. She covers everything, and is very professional and nurturing. A great combo in a stressful situation."

Commercial Auditioning Student Comments:

“Being in front of a camera at auditions can be scary, but now that I am so prepared it’s nowhere near as scary. I have learned to love the camera!”

“Risk taking is a lot of fun. I realize I needed to think ‘outside the box'. I've discovered that there is not just one way to read a commercial.  I used to try to get it the perfect, right way --and now I see there are lots of possibilities. Now I'm able to take direction and I love making adjustments!

“I learned how to be present on camera, and to find humor in comic, or improvised commercials. And how to be realistic and believable. I also got lots of great advice on getting an agent, photos, etc..”


Next Up-- Winter Program 

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On Camera Film Acting

Rita Litton, Instructor

Next Session: Winter Program--5 Weeks.
Dates: Saturdays, January 8 - February 5th, 2022.
Time: Saturdays 10:30 AM-12 PM 
Fees $395.


Foundations of Acting

Rita Litton, Instructor

Next Session: Winter Program--5 Weeks.
Dates: Saturdays, January 8th--February 5th, 2022.

Time:  12:30 PM to 2 PM 
Fee: $395.



Rita Litton, Instructor

Private Coaching by Rita Litton Director
Dates:  Year Round, currently via online software.
Perfect for:  BFA, MFA, or High School Performing Arts Entrance Auditions. Help selecting and polishing monologues, including Classical Monologues! Pre-screen tapings and advice.
Fee:  Call for Information.


Voice Over Acting--Special Class!

Voice Over Artist/Instructor + Invited VO Guest Agent!

Next Session: Spring Program. 
Dates/Times: TBA. Email for information
Special Industry guest attends final presentation!

Classes are held at:|
Winter Classes will be held online via Zoom! Save time commuting, and avoid worries about snow storms or canceled transportation!

NOTE: For possible spring on site classes, all students age 12 and older will be required to provide proof of full vaccination. All mask mandates will be strictly enforced. Policies are for the safety of our students and staff.

Private coaching currently via Zoom online software!


DISCOUNT:  Take both courses  and SAVE $50 !

CANCELLATION POLICY: All Courses will be held subject to demand. 
Cancellation requests must be received two weeks prior to the start of term for deposit or tuition refund (less a non-refundable $35 administration fee). No refunds or credits will be given with less than two weeks notice or after classes have begun for any reason. This policy is firm (and necessary to maintain our small class composition).

"The famous stage actress Ellen Terry quoted three “I’s” essential for an actor’s success: Intelligence, Imagination and Industry. Of these she thought imagination the most important. I’d copy her list and add Integrity. Many people struggle to maintain businesses in the arts; temptations exist to lower standards, or make bizarre promises. We are in the arts because we love the work and want to inspire others to love it as well. They won’t love it if they are given poor treatment, or disrespected.”

Rita Litton (from the book “The Actor’s Other Career Book,” by Lisa Mulcahy)

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