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Rita Litton Award-Winning Acting Teacher and Coach.

Acting Coaching

Regarding his private coaching with Rita: “Thank you for all your hard work on shaping up my acting skills and giving me the tools I needed for auditioning and getting me better at my craft!”

Ralph Rodriguez (in featured photo with Rita) See: “Testimonials.”

“Hey Rita! I hope we can still do our coachings together! I have some news! Following my coaching with you for the movie ‘Miles’ I did my self tape at Innovative and received a callback with the director two weeks later! We ended up just talking about the script for 20 minutes but I was still excited to speak with him.”

Tim Boardman

(Follow Up email after Tim booked the leading role) “Rita, I am so excited and wanted to thank you so much for everything! The director said to me he loved how subtle and real my audition tapes were!”


“I am so grateful to have found Tim at your showcase and have enjoyed every minute of working with him!”

Warm regards, Lauren Singer
Lauren Singer Talent Management

“Thank you for taking the extra time helping Darnell. (He booked CBS-TV’s ‘The Good Wife.’) This would not have happened without your help and dedication and hard work with all your students. Looking forward to your working with him to the next level.“

Dale Dudley

“Good news on the agent front. Lauren sent in those tapes we did with you and Innovative now represents Jackson. Thank you for your help on that!!!! A lot has happened in the past month! We are thrilled and overwhelmed!”

Megan M (mother of JACKSON DUMONT HILL who booked Broadways’ “Finding Neverland.”)

“Rita I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me with my monologues. I also wanted to let you know that I will be going to SUNY Purchase!! I am so excited, and I can’t wait. It’s for the ACTING program, 24 out of 1200 got in, and I can’t believe I did !!!! YAY!!! Thanks so much for everything !!!!”

Sara M.

As a three-time winner of Backstage publication’s Readers’ Choice “Favorite Acting Coach” for young actors, I have coached teen and adult alumni in successfully booking jobs in TV series, sitcoms, films, and on Broadway for over thirty years. I frequently guide actors in their upcoming auditions for Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), MFA, or acting conservatory programs. I offer assistance in the selection of their monologue material (I have hundreds of monologues from both contemporary and classical plays) and in their audition presentation and performance. Younger students applying for performing arts high schools in the NYC area or elsewhere also come to me for help. See Monologues.

Overall, I believe in the benefits an actor receives working in a small group class.  Preferably these classes should involve working with other actors of a similar level, meet over several months or more, and be taught by a teacher you respect and who knows you well.  Attending class should help you develop into a technically strong and emotionally in-tune actor. With time you are capable of finding and making your own choices. I am not a teacher diva, or guru, and I would never encourage a student’s over dependency on me.

However there are times when an actor needs special help. Perhaps you are working on a set, or preparing an audition where you need an acting coach as an ‘outside eye.’ Private one-on-one acting coaching is the perfect solution.  I do this in New York, or via ZOOM, and upon request on the set. When I coach an actor for an audition I encourage them to audition with the same sense of discovery and play that I encourage in my classroom.  Imagine every audition as another chance to do what you love–act! I can reduce your stress by making sure you are properly prepared.  I’ve encountered many actors who were blocked in an audition or scene, who could not focus or concentrate clearly and who needed to find a better way to connect with the material. Once we began working together their confidence and creativity returned.

When I work with students on preparing auditions for television, film, or Broadway theater auditions, we break down the audition scenes or ‘sides’ together. I can help you pinpoint the plot or ‘arc’ to the scene and your character’s true objective and progression. My knowledge can be invaluable to an actor not yet familiar with the quantity or style of a writers’ or directors’ body of work.

I have eased the transition for many of my students from young adult, or teen roles (noting the proliferation of Nickelodeon, Disney and other family or comedic shows) to adulthood and the deepening competition they encounter for more mature and larger roles. I treat each actor as an individual, trying to find the ‘hooks’ which resonate within them, the substitutions and situations which will quickly and effectively trigger the emotional life present in the scene at hand. If it’s comedic film or situation comedy then I will also deal with the character’s physical flexibility, comedic timing, improvisational ability and clarity of language. Many directors like to cast performers with improv experience and will add a sudden improvisational adjustment at their auditions. I’m a coach who does not ‘set’ an audition in stone, but who anticipates the various ways that the director may add input.  As an actor you always want to be open and flexible at an audition, so the director feels that there is still much he can add to your performance.

I am available for private coaching in New York City, or currently via online software. My online coaching sessions have proven very helpful for students when they need help immediately and travel is inconvenient, whether they live in the tri-state area, the west coast, or around the globe. Actors who must tape their own auditions and email them to casting directors in Los Angeles or elsewhere (self-tapes) find it extremely helpful to hear my voice reading opposite them at their sessions. As a professional actress I can provide the give and take, action/reaction so crucial in the audition process. You can tape your own audition while you Zoom with me, recording my voice in the process. I have found this technique excellent for tape success, callbacks, and bookings.

If you are planning to audition for a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) theater or acting conservatory I have years of experience assisting actors in gaining acceptance to their ‘dream school.’ I work with middle school actors hoping to attend one of the competitive New York performing arts high schools. The selection of material is one of my specialties, and I have hundreds of choices (See Monologues) from both contemporary and classical plays. Be sure to get in touch well before your scheduled auditions to discuss requirements, deadlines, the potential need for ‘Pre-Screen” monologue submissions. I can advise you on the best course of action.  

I look forward to working with you! Please Contact me to schedule a private acting coaching appointment. My rates are extremely reasonable considering my expertise, experience, and many years as a professional coach.

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is creating an atmosphere where the actors feel free to ‘play.’ As an actress I worked with many professional directors through the years. The ones I enjoyed the most, or wanted to work with again, were those that inspired me to take risks, and who gave me the freedom to explore.”

Rita Litton (from the book “The Actor’s Other Career Book” by Lisa Mulcahy.