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Summer One-Week Acting Intensives

“I believe that acting is action oriented, and emotions are the result of intentions successfully or unsuccessfully achieved. An actor does not come on a set or stage to ‘feel an emotion.” The actor ventures into a dramatic situation to do something. There is a reason why acting is also re-acting. An actor who feels the electric two-way giving and receiving is truly alive.”

Rita Litton (from the book “Acting for Young Actors” by Mary Lou Belli and Dinah Linney)

Lucca De Oliveira, center, recent TV series regular in CBS’s “Clarice,” & “Seal Team.” 

Summer 2023–All Summer Sections are CLOSED 
See: Fall Program for next courses

Our summer acting intensives offer exciting, specialized acting training in a condensed one week environment.

Choose one week or several! Each week has a specific focus:  Foundations of Acting with concentration on actor tools and technique. Or choose On-Camera Acting, including script analysis, characterization, scene study and audition skills. Each week is unique and will not duplicate exercises or assigned acting scenes.

Dates:  2023
Week A:  June 19- June 23 (CLOSED)
Week B:  July 24-July 28   (CLOSED)
Week C:  August 14-August 18 (CLOSED)

Intensives Meet:
Monday through Friday, from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. (1-hour lunch break daily.) Students participate all five days. 2023 classes will be held LIVE in New York City at a midtown west studio location.

Each Full 5-Day Intensive   
Week A: $975.  (CLOSED) 
Week B : $1025 (CLOSED)
Week  C: $1025.   (CLOSED)   
Take TWO weeks and SAVE $100 !

Foundations of Acting

Rita Litton, Instructor

Foundations Week A: CLOSED
June 19- June 23 


 Fee: $975 

Students will work on process, acting tools and objectives. This intensive is designed to provide students with the building blocks, or “foundation” necessary for truthful, creative, and spontaneous, ‘moment to moment’ acting. Designed for the beginning or intermediate level actor looking to improve skills and find an organic way to work. Through a series of exercises deeply rooted in the teachings of Sanford Meisner, cold readings, and scene work, the instructor will teach actors how to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” We will incorporate movement, voice and improvisation to fine tune the actor’s instrument.

On Camera Acting & Audition Technique

Rita Litton, Instructor

Acting On Camera 
 Week B: July 24- July 28 (CLOSED)
Week C: August 14-August 18  (CLOSED)

 Fee: $1025 .

This acting intensive is best suited for students who wish to be stretched and challenged while fine tuning their Film or Television Acting and Auditioning Skills. In this film acting class students are encouraged to go beyond their immediate experiences to find the character conceived by the writer. Students are directed to take risks and make unique or difficult choices. Through various exercises, research, observations and rehearsals, students differentiate aspects of character, status, appearance, background, speech, life experiences and more. Students are encouraged to dig deeper and find the ‘hooks’ or links that help them identify with the roles they play.  Students portray roles from our extensive film/TV library and all participants should plan to reserve evening time to prepare and memorize assigned material. All classroom scenes are reviewed for discussion and individualized help during critiques. Class discussion defines particular themes and audition problems inherent in a variety of on-camera material — feature or independent films, episodic television series, situation comedy, TV pilots, etc 

If great actors make the most interesting choices, this course will help define how those choices evolve, what to look for, and ultimately, how  to enter the life of the character.


Will you be doing LIVE Intensives for summer 2023?

Answer:  Yes. All summer courses will meet LIVE in New York City at a midtown west studio.  While the courses throughout 2022 were a huge success, we understand the excitement or meeting in person.
  We want all students to receive outstanding instruction. If you need Zoom classes Contact me for possible summer options. 

May I take both the Foundations and On Camera Intensives?

Answer: Yes! If you have limited experience, and as a general practice, we recommend that you take the Foundations week before you take the On-Camera Intensive to better prepare you for the in-depth scene work. There is also a $100 tuition discount for enrolling in two or more weeks.

May I take both weeks of the On Camera Intensives? Are they different or the same course?

Answer: While both weeks focus on camera acting technique, the exercises and scenes assigned will vary and not be repeated in either week. Students can definitely benefit from taking both types of intensive, or two weeks of a single theme (two weeks of On Camera Acting for example.)

So yes! Register for both intensives and benefit from the varied focus. Or take all offered weeks for the utmost experience and growth. A discount is offered for taking two or more weeks.

What happens during the lunch break?

Answer: Students have a one hour lunch break every day. We suggest you go outside or change your location while eating. A short break may be offered in the afternoon session, and possibly in the a.m.  

How do I register? Cancellation Policy?

Answer: Submit your Registration form online. If possible please attach a photo and resume, and optionally,  paste the link  to a Vimeo, Wetransfer, or Youtube posted video of yourself performing a 2-minute or less contemporary monologue. Do not upload any videos– only provide the link. (if it is a private posting, be sure to note the password in ‘comments’ so we have permission to open and review.) 

Alternatively we can ‘see’ each other via a video conference through Zoom software. You can ask questions, and if interested, perform a short 1-2 minute prepared monologue or the Director can furnish you a cold reading. We want to be able to answer any questions you have!

Immediately upon receiving your Registration materials, we email you a direct PayPal invoice to pay your tuition. Please wait for our email and be sure it has the RLS logo and is from PayPal. We will send it to the email you list on your registration form. The invoice will list the correct tuition based on the number of weeks you select and the date you submit payment. There is an option to pay a 50% deposit (until June 1) . After June 1 full tuition is required. The invoice can be paid by either a PayPal personal account, or by credit or debit card. The transaction is encrypted and secure. We do not see your credit/debit information. PayPal confirms your payment to us, and we will then re-confirm with a Rita Litton Studio receipt.

Remember! You are not confirmed for a summer space until the tuition minimum is received.

Cancellation Policy:
Summer Program cancellation requests received by June 1 will receive a full tuition refund, less a $75 summer administration fee. No refunds or credits after June 1, or after classes have begun for any reason. This policy is firm and allows us to maintain our small class/intensive composition. 

More Questions ?

Feel free to Contact us. Or give us a call. If we are teaching  please leave a voice message with a preferred (day and) time for us to call you back! 

“The famous stage actress Ellen Terry quoted three “I’s” essential for an actor’s success: Intelligence, Imagination and Industry. Of these she thought imagination the most important. I’d copy her list and add Integrity. Many people struggle to maintain businesses in the arts; temptations exist to lower standards, or make bizarre promises. We are in the arts because we love the work and want to inspire others to love it as well. They won’t love it if they are given poor treatment, or disrespected.”

Rita Litton (from the book “The Actor’s Other Career Book,” by Lisa Mulcahy)

Summer Classes 2023 are held Live in New York City

Upcoming classes are held: 
In New York City, NY at a convenient midtown location.