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Rita Litton Award-Winning Acting Teacher and Coach.

Acting Classes and Workshops

“I believe that acting is action oriented, and emotions are the result of intentions successfully or unsuccessfully achieved. An actor does not come on a set or stage to ‘feel an emotion.” The actor ventures into a dramatic situation to do something. There is a reason why acting is also re-acting. An actor who feels the electric two-way giving and receiving is truly alive.”

Rita Litton (from the book “Acting for Young Actors” by Mary Lou Belli and Dinah Linney)
Students at Ria Litton Studio

My classes are offered for beginners or professionals, adults or teens. Whether you were referred to me by your agent or manager and have extensive work experience– or your have never acted before– there is a class that will allow you to grow and develop. The intimate class size (a typical class has 6-10 students) insures that you will be challenged according to your ability. 

I will help you take your acting talent to the next level!

All acting classes use common theater terms and exercises, specifically those that concentrate on listening and responding to your partner “in the moment.” Since many actors are naturally self-conscious I initially utilize a process which turns the focus away from your internal state of mind and towards your acting partner. You will be on your feet exploring, improvising, and utilizing various acting techniques from the original teachings of legends Sanford Meisner, Uta Hagen or Stella Adler. You will then work on your character’s inner life and subtext, through effective emotional preparation, sense memory and work based on ‘the Method .’ You’ll learn how to deepen your character’s relationships and objective through specific and vital script analysis. Some courses work on preparing monologues and scene work, while others focus on the audition process. The goal is to offer possibilities and tools, and more than one path to characterization. You will learn to function well among diverse directors and actors with varying acting approaches.

In my film acting courses students perform scenes and monologues on-camera. Your scenes are directed and explored over several weeks, initially through cold readings, and then on your feet with blocking, directorial adjustments and enlivening role-playing improvisations. We analyze your work from the digital playbacks. It’s an invaluable opportunity to begin to distinguish between what you are feeling and what the camera sees (and the audience feels!).  Students learn to relax, recognize their insecurities, center their performance and trust in the situation. Your work becomes more truthful, spontaneous, and alive.  

There are terrific advantages to acting training unrelated to becoming a professional actor.  Poise, self-confidence, self-expression, creativity, team building,  problem solving skills,  comprehension, public speaking skills, diction & voice improvement, grace and physical relaxation — all these are benefits accrued from acting training! I’ve worked with executives, lawyers, police officers, doctors, newscasters, reporters, and others who want to explore this kinetic, exhilarating process.

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If you have a personal goal or are a working professional with scheduling difficulties or you need assistance on an upcoming audition or current role –you may prefer the flexibility and privacy of individual acting coaching. Feel free to contact me!